6 Creative Proposal Ideas for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

The holidays are an awesome time for marriage proposals so if you’ve been holding off, it’s time to just step up and do it. You’ll have your choice of having it be a private affair with just the two of you or making your proposal in front of friends and family! The choice is yours to decide whichever you’re most comfortable with. Here’s some ideas for creative proposal ideas for ways to pop the question this time of year.

Will You Marry Me?

Beach’n It
Pick a section of beach and write your proposal big and bold in the sand. Use a small shovel or trowel to carve out your letters and take your time with it. You could also spell out your words on the beach using seashells (it will take a lot!), red roses, or anything especially meaningful to your soon to be fiancé.

Oh, Christmas Tree!
With a permanent marker, write your proposal on a Christmas ornament and hang it on the tree in a less than completely obvious spot. Then you can play “Find the new ornament” on the tree this year.

On the 12th Day of Christmas
Put your creative thinking cap on here. You’re going to give the woman you love a little something special each day for 11 days. Then, on the 12th day, will be your proposal offered up on bended knee complete with a little diamond ring.

Santa Claus
Rent a Santa costume and arrange to spend some time in a local department store for part of a day. Get your partner’s friends to go shopping and bring her to where you’ll be. Be sure it’s not obvious that it’s you. Get her friends to convince her to sit on Santa’s lap for a photo. Then ask for her hand in marriage and watch her face light up!

Here We Go A Caroling
Arrange for friends to come to your home singing Christmas Carols on a cozy and romantic night when you’re together. Have them hold signs that say “Happy Holidays” on one side and “Will you marry me?” spelled out on the other. For their last song you should join them and hold a sign. When the song ends everyone flips their signs over, including you!

New Year’s Eve
Whether you’re’ spending New Year’s Eve on a blanket on the beach or in a convention hall or restaurant, when the count down for the ball to drop at midnight begins get prepared. When it gets to 7… 6… 5… drop to one knee and make your proposal timing it perfecting for her to accept at midnight. The cheers and fireworks will be quite fitting for the newly engaged couple as they make their announcement to friends and family!

All of us at Ocean Isle Inn Weddings would like to wish you and yours a very happy holiday season. When you’re ready to start making those wedding plans, come see us. We have a large assortment of wedding packages any of which are sure to be perfect for the type of ceremony you decide on.

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