Get Close to Nature With a Beach Wedding

North Carolina beach weddings are not just incredibly romantic, but also so close to nature that it is the logical choice for where any nature lovers should hold their ceremony. The natural beauty of the surroundings will complement your vows of love to each other. If you want to pursue a beach wedding along the shores of Ocean Isle Beach, you can have a romantic beach themed wedding while making it affordable for everyone too.

Some of the best, most beautiful, locations in the country where you can be married are the beaches in North Carolina. To get your visitors in the mood for the celebration before they even reach the coast, your beach wedding invitations should be beach-themed. Be sure to inform your guests of whether it is a casual beach wedding or an informal beach wedding so that they can prepare to wear the correct attire for the day.

Most beach wedding dress styles are simple and would not require a train since you will be in the sand throughout the ceremony. Decorations for a beach wedding could be as simple as letting nature supply the special effects or you can set up an arbor adorned with flowers and streamers then set up chairs for your guests. You might want to have your reception indoors where your wedding cake will not melt, depending on the time of the year your ceremony is taking place. If it’s not in the heat of summer, the reception can be held on the beach under a large canopy. Be sure to supply appropriate seating for your guests.

A special shell or something else you may prefer would be a good keepsake for your guests to remember the occasion. Perhaps have your names and the wedding date hand painted on the shell or other beach-related item. Be sure to hire a professional wedding photographer experienced in outdoor weddings at the beach. They are already familiar with the sun and all the proper adjustments that they will need to get that perfect shot. They may also recommend the time of day you should consider for your ceremony based on where the sun is at that time. This will give you the best outcome for your photographs. You may also have your friends take some pictures to have the memory of the celebration, but it’s always best to have a professional create the best, most lasting memories for you.

To make the trip convenient for your guests, supply them with information on how to contact us at Ocean Isle Inn for their beach accommodations while they’re here. We know they’ll enjoy their stay with us!

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