How to Pay For Your Wedding Expenses

With Valentine’s Day being one of the most popular days for popping “the question” we anticipate many couples will go to sleep on Sunday night being newly engaged. It’s only natural that once you become engaged you’ll want to plan for the wedding itself. How you’re going to pay for your wedding expenses is right up there at the top of the list. We found some great ideas on Instagram that should help you out a lot with creative ways for getting that money together.

How to Pay For Your Wedding Expenses

You’ll need to know approximately how much money you’ll have to save so do an outline of your expenses that includes everything from travel to your wedding destination to the clothes you wear and any reception expenses, if there will be one. You’ll find things to be so much easier if you purchase one of our wedding packages at Ocean Isle Inn Weddings.

1. Put a set percentage of your income into a wedding expenses savings account every paycheck. Set up an automatic draft out of your checking account so you’re not tempted to spend it.

2. Gather up all those things of value that you and your fiancé don’t ever use (sporting equipment comes to mind) and sell them on Craigs List or

3. Any unexpected money that comes in, whether it’s a gift, a refund or a rebate, should go into your wedding expenses savings account.

4. For those that like to see things in black and white, enter all of your expenses and income data into an Excel spreadsheet and keep it updated.

5. Take the money you both spend at Starbucks every day and put it into a piggy bank that cannot be opened unless it’s broken.

6. Work overtime with the understanding that the money you’re paid goes directly into the savings account.

7. Take a second job temporarily to earn extra money. Even something as simple as babysitting can increase that nest egg.

8. Agree that for just one year you won’t purchase each other or extended family any birthday or Christmas gifts. Instead, put that money into the savings account.

9. If either of you work at a job where you get tips over and above your paycheck, be sure to put them into your piggy bank.

10. Some people have even gone so far as to move back in with the parents to save money on rent. Instead of paying a landlord, put that money right into the bank. You can save a lot of money in a short amount of time with this method.

These are great ideas that will help you be financially able to tackle those wedding expenses when they arise and still have some leftover for a honeymoon! If we can help you with those wedding plans, please give us a call at (800) 352-5988 or (910)579-0750.

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