Rise Above the Challenges a Summer Wedding Presents

Anyone who plans to have an outdoor Summer Wedding ceremony has to understand that the decision may come with more than a few challenges. Nothing insurmountable, of course, if you keep an open mind and a light spirit.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in the Ocean Isle Beach area of North Carolina with us, keep the following suggestions in mind so you’re aware of challenges that may arise on your very special day.

You can rest assured that we have a list of vendors that we work with to make your wedding all that you want it to be.

A Summer Wedding – It’s so Hot

Do your best to arrange for some shade in your outdoor setting, especially if you have elders attending.

We’re happy to make the arrangements for renting a tent, if that’s what you decide to go with. Portable air-conditioning systems are also available.

To avoid the worst of the heat in mid-day, consider having your ceremony early in the morning or later in the evening when things start to cool off. If you’re offering your guests just minimal shade, keep the ceremony short and provide guests with ice cold water, fans and umbrellas to block the sun.

Rain on your Summer Wedding Day

When making plans for an outdoor wedding, you must have a backup plan in case of extreme heat or inclement weather. When storms are approaching you may also encounter high winds which would wreak havoc with any outdoor decorations at the very least. Consider reserving an air-conditioned indoor room at Ocean Isle Inn as a backup.

Don’t let your flowers wilt

Flowers at a Summer Wedding in Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Have flowers delivered the day of the wedding and keep them in a chilled atmosphere before the ceremony begins. An ice-filled cooler or refrigerator would work well.

If your blooms will be exposed to the summer heat for an extended amount of time, keep a spray water bottle on hand and give them a light misting every hour.

Competition for Summer Wedding venues

An Indoor Summer Wedding reception in Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Summer is the prime time for weddings, so there’s going to be competition for popular venues from other couples. Book your reservations early with Ocean Isle Inn. When you book with us you can rest assured that we handle everything for you! We’ll set up whatever accommodations you want, arrange for photographers, music and more! We are your one-stop-shop for your wedding ceremony.

So many plans, so few weekends

The season of Summer is a finite number of weeks long and everyone’s summer schedule seems to fill up fast. Send advance notice to your guests with "save-the-date" cards months before the wedding. Think twice before scheduling your wedding for a long holiday weekend when everyone seems to be overbooked. Not only do many families have long-standing plans, travel expenses tend to peak then as well.

At Ocean Isle Inn, we’d be happy to help you with your summer wedding plans. Give our wedding consultant a call (800-352-5988 or (910) 579-0750) at your convenience and let’s get busy!

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