Style Tips For Attending a Destination Wedding in North Carolina

Destination weddings are very popular these days and they can take place just about anywhere. Coastal North Carolina is one of the most favorite locations for a destination wedding since it can double as a vacation. If you’ve never attended a beach wedding you may be unsure about what to wear and what the proper etiquette is for wedding guests. The following style tips for attending a destination wedding in North Carolina will answer all of your questions and surely put your mind at rest so you can come relaxed and have a great day!

Style Tips For Attending a Destination Wedding in North Carolina

Don’t Assume Anything
Just because a wedding is at the beach doesn’t mean it’s a casual affair. Read the invitation closely and it should state whether the wedding is formal or casual attire.  If it doesn’t say, call and ask. Don’t assume because it’s at the beach that it’s casual. You don’t want to be the only one showing up in shorts and sandals when the majority are dressed to the nines. Time of day and time of year will all play a roll in the style of dress for the occasion.

Casual Weddings
The most common type of beach wedding will require casual attire. Think casual classy though. No cut off shorts and tank or bikini tops. Sundresses with dressy sandals for the ladies and khakis with a short sleeve dress shirt or golf shirt for the men would be perfect. Keep jewelry to a minimum. Ties aren’t required.

Style Tips For Attending a Destination Wedding in North Carolina

Sandals or Shoes
Leave the high-heeled shoes and sandals at home. If you’ve never walked in the sand you’ll quickly realize it’s not the place for those. Flat footwear is best. In a very casual wedding even going barefoot is acceptable but know that the sand gets very hot in the summertime. Men can skip the socks and just wear loafers or sandals.

Wind and Sun
It can get pretty windy along the coast so keep that in mind when you choose what to wear and how to fix your hair. Rather than wear tons of hair spray, just tie your hair up or pull it back. A sunhat would also be suitable. It can be hot so less makeup is better than more. Keep it light and natural. You don’t want your makeup to melt right there on the beach.

Style Tips For Attending a Destination Wedding in North Carolina

In Case of Rain
Nobody wants to see rain on their wedding day more than those holding an outdoor wedding at the beach. Smart couples will have a backup plan in case the weather turns bad. In the event there is no Plan B and the ceremony goes on, you’d stay dry if you brought an umbrella or rain attire.

A destination wedding along the North Carolina coast will provide lasting memories for all those in attendance. Why not plan on staying in the area after the ceremony. At Ocean Isle Inn we have comfortable and affordable accommodations that you’re sure to love. Our amenities include close proximity to the ocean as well as an oceanfront swimming pool with sundeck where you can relax on lounge chairs while enjoying your visit to the area.

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