Why paper lanterns and beach weddings do not mix.

507271107Here at OIB weddings we are continuously following new wedding trends.  Just as the seasons change with each year, so does wedding styles, decor, dances & send offs. Remember the Harlem Shake…
Lately we have seen a increase of couples doing  wish lantern send offs.  Pinterest is plastered with amazing photos of newlyweds and their friends sending of countless lanterns into the night sky.

Although we love looking at all of the wonderful photos, photographers have captured of this growing trend, we have had to inform some of our couples that the lanterns do not mix well with the beach. For starters, they pose a big threat to wildlife in our area. The wire construction of the lantern can fall into the ocean and animals such as Dolphins get them caught around their bodies.  The left over pieces of paper can also be consumed by turtles & fish.

Wedding exit with SparklersPerhaps the biggest concern is the risk of fire. The lanterns carry a small fuel cell that can carry the lanterns about 5 miles away from where they were launched. Sometimes these fuel cells can fall into dry grassy areas that are susceptible to wildfires.

Our advice is to stick which what works, instead of trying a lanterns send why not go with sparklers.                                                                                   Photo Courtesy of Photosbykristopher.com

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